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PlayKit Basics for OVP Apps

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Player interface

The methods/properties names sometimes differ between iOS and Android due to platform naming conventions.




The player sends events to the application. The primary events are:


At all times the player is in a given state:

PlayKit Manager

Static/singleton class used to load a new Player instance.



PlayKit has a built-in plugin system. All plugins implement a PKPlugin interface. The application is responsible for registering them (once, before starting the player for the first time) and setting/updating their configuration.

Kava plugin

Kava is Kaltura’s Advanced Video Analytics service. We provide this plugin with sample code.

There are other analytics plugins, as well as a plugin for displaying video ads.

Data objects

PKMediaEntry holds the information of a specific entry with all of its available sources, ready to be sent to the player. It contains a list of PKMediaSource objects.

PKMediaSource holds the URL and optionally other information required for playback.

Sample code

OVP Starter shows how to use the built-in OVP media providers to load media info from Kaltura API, load a player with Kava plugin, and connect a basic UI.

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See Components.

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