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PlayKit Kava for iOS

This project is the new client analytics project of Kaltura.

With Kava project, Kaltura real time analytics for live and on-demand video, you’ll get historical or near real-time, raw or summarized data. Kaltura partners need to truly understand how, when, and where their content is seen and shared by viewers. What keeps viewers watching? When do they lose interest? What do they share? Actionable Analytics ends the guesswork.

With the clear numbers in hand, Kaltura’s partner can build a content and monetization strategy that really works.

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To enable the Youbora Stats Plugin on iOS devices for the Kaltura Video Player, add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "PlayKitKava"

Register Plugin

Note: Our recommandation is to register on AppDelegate, see sample below.


Create a config and load player

let kavaConfig = KavaPluginConfig(partnerId: 1091, entryId: nil, ks: nil, playbackContext: nil, referrer: nil, applicationVersion: "1.0", playlistId: "abc", customVar1: nil, customVar2: nil, customVar3: nil)
kavaConfig.playbackType = KavaPluginConfig.PlaybackType.vod
let pluginConfig = PluginConfig(config: [KavaPlugin.pluginName: kavaConfig])

Note: Only then load player with Plugin Config.

self.player = PlayKitManager.shared.loadPlayer(pluginConfig: pluginConfig)

Kava Plugin Events

    /// Kava event types
    enum KavaEventType : Int {
        /// Media was loaded
        case impression = 1
        /// Play event was triggred
        case playRequest = 2
        /// Playing event was triggred
        case play = 3
        /// Resume event was triggred
        case resume = 4
        /// player reached 25 percent
        case playReached25Percent = 11
        /// player reached 50 percent
        case playReached50Percent = 12
        /// player reached 75 percent
        case playReached75Percent = 13
        /// player reached 100 percent
        case playReached100Percent = 14
        /// Pause event was triggred
        case pause = 33
        /// Replay event was triggred
        case replay = 34
        /// Seeking event was triggred
        case seek = 35
        /// Captions event (text track was changed) was triggred
        case captions = 38
        /// Source Selected (media was changed) event was triggred
        case sourceSelected = 39
        /// Sent when audio track changed
        case audioSelected = 42
        /// The video track has changed to a different bitrate (indicated bitrate).
        case flavorSwitched = 43
        /// Buffering has started. (Not for first load)
        case bufferStart = 45
        /// Buffering has ended. (Not for first load)
        case bufferEnd = 46
        /// Error event was triggred
        case error = 98
        /// Sent every 10 seconds of active playback.
        case view = 99

Kava Basic Sample

For a basic Kava sample click here